Club Book Episode 125 Qian Julie Wang

Qian Julie Wang is an Ivy League trained litigator and managing partner of New York City’s prestigious Gottlieb & Wang LLP – a law firm specializing in advocacy for immigrants and people of color. As an undocumented child of struggling Chinese émigrés, Wang had ample reasons to believe her future would not be so bright. During her formative years, the family’s “illegal” status took a toll on everything: their housing stability, her parents’ marriage and health, as well as Wang’s own self- worth and identity. These childhood trials and traumas form the basis of Wang’s anticipated debut Beautiful Country – a heartrending memoir drafted almost entirely on her iPhone while she commuted to and from her Brooklyn law office. In a starred review, Publishers Weekly raves: “While the author’s story of pursuing the American dream is undoubtedly timeless, it’s her family’s triumph in the face of xenophobia and intolerance that makes it feel especially relevant today.” Beautiful Country hits shelves in September.

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