Club Book Episode 146 Kristin Harmel

Historical fiction phenom Kristin Harmel is the #1 international bestselling author behind book club favorites The Sweetness of Forgetting (2012) and The Winemaker’s Wife (2019). She reached a still wider audience with the publication of The Book of Lost Names in 2020. Inspired by a true story of WWII heroism, The Book of Lost Names tells the tale of a talented forger who uses her gifts to help Jewish children escape the tightening noose of Nazi oppression. Harmel’s latest novel, The Forest of Vanishing Stars, breathes life into another little-known chapter of The War in Europe. During the Holocaust, hundreds of Jewish people escaped from ghettos and banded together in isolated forest settlements to survive both genocide and an unforgiving wilderness. In a rave review, Bookpage says: “The bestselling author’s research contributes richness and authenticity to this captivating tale.” Kristin Harmel is also co-founder of Friends & Fiction, a popular weekly web show and podcast hosted by Harmel and fellow New York Times bestselling writers Mary Kay Andrews, Patti Callahan Henry, and Kristy Woodson Harvey.

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