Club Book Episode 151 Janie Chang

Janie Chang’s bestselling historical fiction is inspired by her Chinese ancestry, as well as that culture’s rich folkloric traditions. She gained a loyal following with Three Souls (2013) and Dragon Springs Road (2017), and reached a still wider audience with the 2020 release of The Library of Legends. Set against the Japanese invasion of China during World War II, this book club favorite centers on a group of student refugees who flee Nanjing with a priceless treasure: a 500-year-old compendium of ancient myths known as The Library of Legends. Chang’s newest novel, The Porcelain Moon, is set in France in the waning days of World War I. It spotlights the untold story of 140,000 Chinese workers brought to Europe as non-combatant labor during The Great War. Fellow historical fiction writer Kate Quinn lauds: “The Porcelain Moon exhibits Chang’s signature trademarks – lyrical prose, deftly-drawn characters, and skillful excavation of little-known history – to give us a rare jewel in a sea of wartime fiction.”

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