Club Book Episode 157 Sadeqa Johnson

Book club phenom Sadeqa Johnson has authored five novels to date. Her early books, including Love in a Carry-on Bag and And Then There Was Me, won the Phyllis Wheatley Award and National Book Club honors, among other distinctions. Johnson branched out from contemporary fiction and reached a still wider audience with Yellow Wife, lauded by Publishers Weekly as “a powerful, unflinching account of determination in the face of oppression.” Born into slavery, light-skinned Pheby Delores Brown is forced to bear children to and manage a slave dealer’s household. This precarious position pits Pheby’s hunger for freedom against the maternal drive to stay with and protect her children. Johnson’s newest novel, The House of Eve, tells the interconnected stories of two ambitious Black women who struggle with the consequences of unplanned pregnancies in 1950s America. It was an instant bestseller and February 2023 selection for the Reese Witherspoon Book Club.

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