Club Book Episode 159 Nicole Chung

Nicole Chung grew up as a transracial adoptee – and one of the few people of color in her Oregon hometown. Her lifelong journey of self-discovery and poignant, candid writing on the subject have positioned Chung as a singular voice in memoir. In her 2018 debut, All You Can Ever Know, Chung shares her search for her biological family – a quest she undertook while starting a family of her own. Chung’s follow-up, A Living Remedy, focuses on the author’s relationships with her adoptive parents, her upbringing in their working-class family, and her attempts to care for her mother and father from afar while also parenting her own children. After her father died young from diabetes and kidney disease, followed by her mother from cancer during the COVID-19 pandemic, Chung gained a new perspective on the wealth disparities and healthcare inequities entrenched in our society. Notes The Washington Post: “Chung explores this difficult emotional terrain while delivering a powerful social commentary posing vital questions around access to medical care and the meaning of home and family.”

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