Club Book Episode 55 Pam Jenoff

Pam Jenoff is the author behind The Kommandant’s Girl (2007), one of this past decade’s best received works of historical romance. After the Nazis occupy Poland in 1939, young Jewish bride Emma Bau is forced to flee her home and husband and assume a new identity. In hopes of gaining intel for the Polish resistance movement, she becomes the secretary and love interest of a high-ranking German official – a brave decision with unexpected consequences. Jenoff has since penned half a dozen more novels against the backdrop of war-torn Europe, including The Diplomat’s Wife (2008), The Things We Cherished (2011), The Ambassador’s Daughter (2013), The Other Girl (2014), The Winter Guest (2014), and The Last Summer at Chelsea Beach (2015). Her newest, The Orphan’s Tale, debuts in February. It follows Noa, a young woman who becomes pregnant by a German soldier, is ostracized from her community, and joins up with a traveling circus.

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