James Rollins

Thursday, April 28 at 7PM

Hosted by Washington County Library

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Few authors today boast the cross-genre appeal or international following of novelist James Rollins. Over the past three decades, Rollins has published standalone thrillers, the popular Jake Ransom middle grade series, and the novelization of the 2008 Steven Spielberg film Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Rollins is equally adept at epic fantasy. Recent ventures include The Order of the Sanguines trilogy, co-authored with Rebecca Cantrell, and The Starless Crown, the first entry in his promising Moon Fall Saga. For many readers, however, Rollins is best known for the #1 New York Times bestselling Sigma Force series. Commissioned by the U.S. government, this elite corps explores and safeguards all manner of ‘anomalies’ with national security implications. The sixteenth installment, Kingdom of Bones, hits shelves on April 19. Deep in the Congo, an insidious phenomenon is leveling the evolutionary playing field by turning the lush biome cunning and predatory. As they race to prevent pending global catastrophe, the Sigmas – so often the hunters – find themselves in the unfamiliar role of prey.

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